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We know the food service teams at schools, hospitals, universities, child care centers, offices and other critical community institutions are busy working hard to keep our families fed. 


That's why our Institutional Outreach program provides all the support food service teams need to make it easy to maximize the healthfulness of their menu offerings.

Our expert team can help bring more balance to the menus, all while helping to save money, increase customer satisfaction, meet the growing demand for health-promoting meals, and improve public health!

Healthier Together

When it comes to preparing delicious meals, food service teams are the experts. When it comes to making sure those delicious meals are as nutritious as possible, Balanced is here to help. 

Whether an institution is looking to add more whole grains and nutrient-packed fruits and vegetables to the menu, reduce animal products, or replace ultra-processed foods with hearty, fiber-rich alternatives, we've got the tools and resources to make it happen.



Menu Analysis

Ready to improve the healthfulness of your menu, but not sure where to start? We can analyze your menus and help identify a list of the highest-impact changes, as well as make a plan to get started.

Procurement Support

Even with the best of intentions, sometimes finding the right ingredients can be tricky! Our team is ready to help find and connect you with vendors and distributors who can help find a solution that works for you.

Recipe + Menu Design

Because most menus don't change overnight, our team can help you find the right recipes to fit your institution's needs and then work with you to build a menu that makes sense. 

Nutrition Consultation

Balanced's Institutional Support Team is made up of expert dietitians and nutrition-scientists. Our recommendations are based on leading evidence-based nutrition science, and we're always ready to help answer nutrition-related questions.


Marketing and Promotion

Having the right recipes and a healthier menu is the first step, but making sure customers eat those meals is just as important. Balanced can advise your team and design marketing and promotion materials sure to have your customers coming back for more! 

...and MORE

Because we know no two institutions are the same, we can tailor-make solutions to meet the needs of each of our unique partner institutions. So, reach out and let's partner for a healthier future today!

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Get Started!

Get started balancing your menus by downloading a FREE copy of "Crafting Well Balanced Menus in Educational Settings"

For more personalized support, fill out the form below and we'll get in touch!

Expert-selected menu ideas, recipes, marketing and promotion tools... plus much more inside!

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Check out these other resources!

These food service guidelines are intended to help institutions create dining environments that promote community health, emphasize high quality foods, value customer satisfaction, and help prevent chronic disease.


Get Balanced at home with our guide for individuals and families. We created an incredibly simple, evidence-based tool to help individuals and families quickly identify which foods to consume more or less frequently in order to achieve your optimal balance.

PRA Draft.png

Plant-rich Aging is a leading source of information, tools, and supports designed to improve the health and wellness of older adults through enhanced nutrition.This tool is designed for frequently overlooked institutions like senior-living facilities and community-based meal delivery programs.

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