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DC Public School menus are about to get a lot more balanced

Last night, thanks to the tireless efforts of a coalition of people and organizations including numerous Balanced parent advocates, the D.C. Council voted to approve the Healthy Students Amendment Act, which guarantees vegetarian options on every menu and vegan/plant-based options upon request.

No other state in the country mandates school menus adopt this kind of balance.

As has been shown over and over again, the greatest determiner of food choice is food environment, and the DC Council's commitment to more balanced menus is progress on the path to more balanced food environments - for all our children.

By demonstrating such bold leadership, DC Public Schools is no doubt setting the stage for a healthy-menu revolution in districts and communities across the country. Trust us when we say this is just the beginning!

Together, we can (we are!) create a healthier future for every family.


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