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Communications Specialist

Location: Remote

Salary: $60,000


Does the idea of a food system that prioritizes nutrition-security and improved public health inspire you to take action?  Are you eager promote nutrition security in schools, hospitals, offices, and other vital institutions for the betterment of children, families, and communities? Are you excited by the idea of holding predatory food corporations and bad-faith policymakers accountable? Do you have a solutions-oriented mindset and enthusiasm for creating tangible, impactful change?

If so, you’ll love working at Balanced. 

Balanced, a nonprofit organization dedicated to nutrition security and public health advocacy, is on the lookout for a Communications Specialist excited to lead our communications efforts and take the organization to the next level. In this role, you'll have the opportunity to develop a comprehensive communications strategy that goes beyond just managing social media accounts and drafting newsletters. This role includes crafting creative and engaging visual and written content that articulates our mission, enhances our brand identity, and fosters meaningful partnerships. You'll be at the helm of creating content that not only boosts our brand's presence but also actively engages our audience and partners at This position offers the unique opportunity to flexibly contribute to our organization's growth and success, ensuring our communications efforts are as impactful and far-reaching as our advocacy.


Under the guidance of the Executive Director, the Communications Specialist will be responsible for the strategic planning and practical implementation of Balanced’s written and visual communication assets, both internally and externally, with an emphasis on brand recognition and growth through social media management and content creation. 

As the Communications specialist, you get to:

  • Strategy:

    • Develop and execute comprehensive communication strategies to support's mission and objectives.

    • Collaborate with the team to create compelling messaging for various stakeholders, including supporters and followers, donors, volunteers, and community partners.

    • Monitor industry trends and competitor communications to stay at the forefront of our mission.

  • Social Media Management:

    • Oversee and update's social media profiles, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, ensuring active and engaging online presence.

    • Generate and organize compelling content, including text, visuals, and videos, to boost community interaction and engagement.

    • Utilize social media analytics to refine strategies and enhance our digital footprint.

    • Formulate and execute strategies for engaging with partners and influencers on social media to expand our reach and impact.

    • Tailor content to resonate with our audience and align with our mission, maintaining the consistency of our brand's voice.

    • Keep track of social media trends, using insights to fine-tune engagement efforts with partners and influencers.

    • Forge and sustain relationships with key influencers and partner accounts to magnify our message.

    • Collaborate with partners to develop shared content and initiatives that benefit both parties.

    • Manage the timetable and posting of social media content in coordination with partners.

    • Assess and share the results of social media efforts, providing actionable insights for future collaborations.

    • Advise partners on optimal social media practices and strategies for unified and impactful campaigns.

    • Promptly and professionally address comments and queries on social media, nurturing positive connections.

    • Stay informed about the latest in social media best practices and innovations, ensuring our strategies remain ahead of the curve.

  • Design and Visual Content:

    • Create innovative and eye-catching visuals, graphics, and multimedia content for marketing materials, social media posts, and presentations, incorporating the latest design trends to set the Balanced brand apart.

    • Uphold brand consistency and high-quality standards across all design elements, ensuring each piece aligns with Balanced's unique identity and values.

    • Work closely with other departments to address design needs, ensuring timely delivery and alignment with current design trends and brand strategy.

  • Written Content:

    • In partnership with other team members, write and edit clear and persuasive content for various communication channels, including newsletters, blogs, and website updates.

    • Maintain an editorial calendar to plan and schedule content distribution.

  • Analytics and Reporting:

    • Track and analyze the effectiveness of communication campaigns and social media initiatives.

    • Prepare regular reports on key performance indicators and provide recommendations for improvement.


This job might be for you if:

  • You’re excited by the challenge of building a high-performing program within a nonprofit organization, including the detailed work of strategic planning and executing that plan from start to finish

  • You’re excited by the challenge of crafting communications content that compels supporters to take action and forges strong partnerships 

  • You feel strongly about the power of amplifying a mission-driven organization’s work beyond conventional social media management and communications content

  • You have a knack for producing visually captivating design materials that elevate a brand's presence and engage a diverse audience effectively

  • You enjoy creating both written and visual assets, underlining brand growth and recognition through creative social media endeavors and content creation

  • You excel in collaborating across teams to produce compelling messaging for a variety of stakeholders, from supporters and donors to volunteers and community partners.

  • You're skilled at monitoring industry trends and adjusting strategies to keep the organization at the forefront of its mission

  • You have enthusiasm for building relationships with influencers and partners, enhancing the organization's message and reach

  • You're adept at using analytics to measure the effectiveness of communication campaigns and social media initiatives, using insights to drive future strategies

  • You stay up to date with the latest in social media best practices and design trends, ready to adapt strategies to maintain a competitive edge.


If you're looking for an opportunity to contribute to a growing organization, elevate that organization to the next level, and make a lasting impact with your communications expertise, this role is for you.

The ideal Communications Specialist at Balanced is creative and thoughtful, with a knack for storytelling – eager to engage current supporters and share our work with new audiences.

This role calls for a strategic thinker, brimming with creativity and innovation, and a proven ability to deliver results. Digital savvy, bias toward action, and a long-term, solutions-oriented perspective are a must. 

Team members at Balanced must be comfortable with the autonomy and independence required of remote work while maintaining a commitment to collaboration both inside and outside of the organization. 

Balanced is a culture-driven organization that prioritizes alignment with our core values of courage, health, accountability, family & community, and empowerment in our decision making, organizational fit, and team member expectations. To learn more about Balanced’s current theory of change and the core values that drive our work, visit

The salary for this position is $60,000-$65,000 and includes medical, dental, and vision insurance as well as other benefits such as a 403(b) plan, self-managed paid time off, and a flexible, 4-day/week work schedule. The position is remote but must be within the United States.

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