Together, we can demand better for our
We believe food should enhance our lives and improve our health. 
And we know most people agree. Unfortunately, we also know how difficult it is to feed our families well when unhealthy foods are overrepresented in nearly every food environment. 
It doesn't have to be that way.
Families like yours and ours shouldn't have to bend over backward
-or fight our imbalanced food system at every turn -
just to find healthy food in the everyday places we depend on in our communities.
Especially when our children and loved ones are involved.
We know a more balanced food system is possible and we're partnering with fearless changemakers around the world to make it happen.
Mom giving piggy back ride to daughter



we empower

We believe advocacy should be

easy, empowering, and enjoyable

So we've created nutrition advocacy tools and unlimited 1-on-1 training designed to help anyone, anywhere get healthier foods in their schools, hospitals, stores, and other critical community institutions.

Chef mixing up food

we support


Our goal is to help food service teams 

save money, balance menus and increase customer satisfaction

Which is why we've created a robust and comprehensive set of actionable resources designed specifically to help institutional food service professionals stay ahead on top of the trends and enhance the healthfulness of the foods they serve our families.

we unite




Business woman with baby

We know effective policy has the power to

improve health and save lives

And we're building coalitions of people across the country who believe the health of our children and families should be more important than industry interests. We're connecting lawmakers with the people their policies impact, and we're equipping both parties with the resources they need to boldly affect change.

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