Making the Case

Now that you've taken the time to lay a solid foundation for your advocacy in the previous section, it's time to start reaching out to make the case for the changes you want for your community.


STEP 1: Contact Decision Makers

Once you've completed all the preparation in the Getting Started section, you're ready to start reaching out to decision makers! 

At this stage, the ultimate goal of contacting leadership is to establish a good working relationship and schedule a meeting with them where you can present your ask.

Use the Contacting Leadership Templates for samples of messages you can send to decision makers, and follow the Contacting Leadership Flowchart for advice on how to proceed depending on how they respond.

Once you've secured a meeting, move onto the next step: Preparing a Presentation.

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STEP 2: Prepare a Presentation

Your presentation to decision makers is your first opportunity to explain your ask and convince them of its importance. We've prepared a sample presentation you can download below, but if you decide to make your own, be sure that it does the following:

makes a compelling case for your ask

explains how and why your ask benefits the institution

addresses possible barriers or misunderstandings


These studies can help you support your ask with scientific evidence

Offer these sample menus to your institution as examples

These fact sheets can make your case—without you having to memorize it all!

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