The Educated Choices Program is excited to partner with Balanced and provide students, teachers and community members with an excellent opportunity to positively impact the food choices available in your schools. 

We believe nutrition advocacy should be

easy, enjoyable, and empowering.

Balanced can provide the support and guidance needed for you and your school staff to make changes that benefit everyone's health and substantially address urgent environmental issues. Leading the way to help more plant-based foods become a larger part of your school's offerings is an exceptional way to make a huge difference in your community. Check out what they can do to help you make this critical difference on YOUR campus!

Healthier menus start with

educated choices

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How to Get Involved

Teachers, Students, and Parents

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3. Reduce

the amount of known disease-causing foods on menus where you live


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Educated Choices Make a Difference

The Educated Choices Program provides academic presentations to students on campuses across the US and Canada, educating students and communities about food choices and the resulting effects on human health as well as the sustainability of our planet and all its inhabitants. Connecting with over 1.3 million students to date, data analysis confirms that over 52% of students and teachers who participate in the presentations reduce their consumption of animal products and become more inclined to incorporate plant-based foods into their diet. The momentum toward plant-based eating is gaining traction, and ECP plays a timely role in helping others understand that a crucial step toward a healthier planet begins right on their plates!


How to Get Involved

Food Service Teams and Professionals


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3. Enhance

the healthfulness of the menus you serve to your students and staff

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